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LuschkaHealth HAFAS SERIES: a-z health and fitness affirmations

LuschkaHealth HAFAS SERIES: a-z health and fitness affirmations

wishing you an energised CHRISTMAS season and ..

today, you might be starting or wrapping up your CHRISTMAS celebration preparations and tying off the loose ends of your plans because people keep changing their minds and you have a budget you are working with ..

drinking from the fountain of youth ..

these are just SOME of the ingredients of success in your pursuit of youth but it is a good start ..

the journey to staying and looking young is a package deal and if ..

the x – factor (you got what it takes)

what is the one thing that keeps me going even if I do not feel like getting on my mat in the morning?? what do people see and feel motivated about when they look at me??


awake and ready to win ..!

be the one who brightens up someones day today and have a lovely monday!!

here are 7 DAILY HABITS of a WINNER (which is you!!) ..

a vibrant life: get stronger and healthier ..!

tis’ the season!!
YOUR SEASON for health – YOUR SEASON for strength – YOUR SEASON for living a vibrant life ..!
TODAY you will flourish – TODAY you will do amazing sweety – TODAY you will rise and shine!!

end of the year blues ..

the KIND OF WORKOUT you can endure and the KIND OF FOOD you enjoy can be altered so that they reflect your health and fitness goals, but the time it takes will vary according to your nutrition history, medical hindrances, stamina and ..

doing a drive-by ..

I came around today, not to overwhelm you too much but to wish you an amazing week and to encourage you to show up and show off your greatness .. this is your week – own it and enjoy it .. all the best to you ..!

be strong and of good courage ..!

true strength lies in rising up and facing the loud noises that threaten to consume your thoughts and coming up with a sustainable solution to get rid of them and be able to stand up to them should they feel like returning again ..

cool .. calm .. and collected ..

it takes time to reach your goals (of any form) and you need to give yourself some space to explore and to understand .. instead of stressing yourself out and hindering your progress .. try learning from your experiences ..

every material that we are made from is ..

to have the energy to discover the awesomeness that lies within you, it is important to take care of your body – to make sure that it functions well everyday you want to go out there and crush your goals ..

I decided to go for it ..!

I don’t know how many times I have convinced myself that what is expected of me by my peers / by my family members was truly what would fulfill me in life .. but that’s not how I learn and that is not how I grow ..

refreshed and ready to go ..!

I remembered that I wanted to change up my routine to increase productivity this week, that was my intention because I want to end this week off feeling accomplished and prepared for the next one .. I am so glad I started today ..!

reducing waste in my life ..

by reminding yourself regularly what you want from life through daily affirmations and perhaps even journal-ling, you are able to draw a map for yourself of how to reach this ideal life you have envisioned for yourself ..

I took a day off this week ..


remember this .. you are MIGHTY and you have so much power within you that needs to be stirred up and put to good use ..

there is so much freedom ..

be free, today, to be yourself .. only you have the power and the ability to bring about certain changes and your time is now .. the time for you to shine your light is now – for yourself and for others .. be brave enough to explore your freedom ..

the miracle of kindness ..

the affirmation for the next couple of days is aligned with being KIND .. first to yourself and then extending that kindness that you have experienced to others .. whether these are individuals that you like or don’t really like much ..

today I choose joy ..!

I am excited because the best is yet to come .. I cannot wait for all of the amazing things that are yet to unravel because I know that they are going to be mind boggling!! I am hoping and expecting only the best for my future ..

the power of intentional living ..

it is important to start with yourself .. to understand yourself and what your needs and wants are .. because if you can start learning how to properly effect change in your own life, you are well on ..

today I refuse to act like I am happy ..

today I smile because I want to .. I smile because I have grown into a fearless woman who is determined to testify about her God and the wealth of His Kingdom that knows no bounds .. I smile because ..

last week ..

I basically felt everything .. it was very easy to feel like both the floodgates from Heaven and hell were just open wide and everything and anything was just raining on me – there were no limits ..

I don’t know what to write ..

you have to continue convincing yourself that you are fabulous but stay true to your goals and stay mindful that you don’t hurt yourself trying to prove a point .. to others, or even yourself ..

good energy is contagious ..!

have you ever met someone who just complimented on you the way you live life ..? just how you show up everyday ..? well, I have – and it’s one of the best compliments that I have received in my life!! seriously, I am not kidding ..! I talk more on this in my videoContinue reading “good energy is contagious ..!”


the power of dynamic thinking ..

have you ever come across a task so terrible or difficult and you just started doubting yourself and your capabilities so much that you just had to stand there at some point and be like, ”you know what ..? ..

it’s always too early to quit ..

chilling in a negative space deters your progress and starts to make you feel like a loser – but you’re not .. you are a champion and champions win every time .. regardless of the world that seems to close in on you ..

learning to be brave ..

when everything around you seems to indicate that you are going in the wrong direction .. you have to learn to stand on your own, become resilient and strong enough to continue to stand on your vision ..

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