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Pre-Workout Jitters πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜–

I can’t be the only one who has pre-workout jitters, am I??

that initial thought of dread and the feeling of being unable to get up and attack a workout head on .. honestly, at this point .. any excuse is enough to get me out of even taking my yoga mat out of the wardrobe and laying it down on the ground ..

I know .. ‘the best way to get up and going before a workout is to think about the end result and how you will feel afterwards’ but sometimes that doesn’t even feel like it’s enough ..

for some reason, I feel very inspired to workout when I have too much work to do and not enough time to get in a proper workout – then wooh!! – all of a sudden, it’s GO TIME!!

I like that adrenalin rush of having one more thing to accomplish for the day, but when I have a somewhat clear day ahead of me and have all the time in the world for a good and proper workout .. I’m like blergh .. I’ll workout another time ..

if I am being really honest .. it’s the same thing with my life and work and whatever else is going on ..

I thrive on adrenalin and if I have a deficit of it .. my life feels uninspired ..

a couple of things I have noticed inspire that level of adrenalin ..

✰ having money

✰ having good people around who induce fun

✰ having the right snacks an arm reach away

✰ having a tight schedule

✰ being happy

recently, I have been feeling a decline in each of these areas and it’s causing me to panic – and panic is not a good place for me to be in because I tend to overthink things .. a little too much ..

I have been trying my best to practise being in the moment again and focusing on what I can do with what I have right now .. it’s difficult but it does relieve the stress a little bit ..

however, feeling like I have to bail everyone else out while I am at a deficit takes the pressure another level up .. not only do I feel like I feel like I am at a minus .. I also feel like I am drowning with no one to help get me out of my funk – but people expect me to help them ..

than I start overthinking again ..

sometimes I even wish I could just jet off onto a private island for a year just to reset my own health and wellness and reconnect to the person I am supposed to be .. because I feel like I no longer recognise who that person is anymore .. 

but alas, I have to be here .. so the challenge is to hold onto what I have as I try to figure out where I am supposed to be ..

I am conflicted.

but I know that GOD has a bigger plan and the pressure cooker I find myself in right now is moulding me into the person who will be able to handle the pressures of the next level ..

I am excited.

even if sometimes I feel like I am crashing, I think I trust GOD too much not to believe that HE has the best intentions for my future ..

it’s going to be fine.

I keep telling myself this even when I am breaking down, crying, because of the pressures of the world, the pressures from family and all the possibilities of the future 

and one day, I will be able to step back on my mat again ..

yesterday, I was actually very close to doing it .. in fact, I did one stretch before my workout stream started buffering and I called it a day ..

in my book – that’s progress ..

after weeks of living a very sedentary life and enduring bad posture, I stepped up and kicked my pre-workout jitters in the giblets .. next time, I will complete a full workout and I will feel even more powerful ..

until next time ..

thank you for reading and catching up with me, I truly appreciate our moments together πŸ’™βœ¨



PS .. I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July ..!


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