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lemonade day: teaching children the power of entrepreneurship

lemonade has always been a popular beverage since its invention and children benefit from lemonade stands by learning many things about how to open and fund a business

the activity of squeezing the juice from the lemon to make ‘lemonade’ probably happened in the mediterranean region during the 13th century and was considered medicinal .. and it probably didn’t taste sweet the way we expect it today ..! however, because lemons are so filled with vitamin c and other healthy nutrients .. it is easy to see why it would have been used for its important health benefits

lemons were originally discovered around 1st century ad. when the romans and greeks established routes to india, where this yellow tart citrus fruit is believed to have first originated

lemonade day was founded in 2007 to honour the way lemonade stands are a useful tool to teach children about running a business.

how to celebrate lemonade day:

  1. help a child set up a lemonade stand
  2. visit a lemonade stand
  3. enjoy a cool glass (or pitcher) of lemonade

I love how even the weather is allowing this day to thrive – the heat is ON and I am so thirsty .. time to enjoy a cool crisp lemonade ..!

ps .. I kind of bought mine from sir fruit

you have yourself a beautiful day now and all the best for this week ..!



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