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happy friday beautiful people, apparently today is name your pc day .. well, according to at least and I realised that I have never named any of my electronics ever – I mean, I barely name my teddies: I just call them ‘teddy’ – except for pikachu, he’s already been named .. ye, it’s for real ..

tell me .. have you ever named any of your electronics??

in any case, I hope that you have had a good week ..

it’s been a pretty tough one for me but I feel like I came out on top in the end and I am glad that I went through it .. I am feeling a lot more positive today than I was on monday and there are a lot of reasons for it 😊😊 I won’t spend too much time rambling on about everything that happened but one thing I want you to remember, in case your week was as much of a journey as mine:

just because the vision tarries doesn’t mean GOD has changed HIS mind or given up on you .. the timing of the situation may not be right for GOD to get the ultimate glory and benefit out of your trusting in HIM – (bishop td jakes speaks to women devotional)

this really got to me this week and I was reminded that regardless of the highs and the lows .. one thing remains consistent – GOD’s will and purpose for our lives .. we have every right to expect good and perfect gifts because that is what HE has promised us and HE never changes HIS word ..

I might try to rush results because I feel pressured by the lives my peers are living or because society dictates that I have to live a certain way according to my age – but as I think through the pressure I’d have to put myself under in order to chase this life, I realise, it’s not worth it ..

I don’t want to drown myself into debt, afflict myself with anxiety and depression only to maintain someone else’s expectation of me when I know who I am and WHO’s I am .. the timing is not up to me .. my responsibility is to focus on what I have, nurture and grow the special thing that is inside of me so that when GOD tells me, ‘get up and go’ – I will be ready ..

enjoy your weekend ..! 🤗🤍


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